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If you want to determine the distances between many points at once and include real-time traffic information, you need the Distance Matrix API. This makes the API very useful for businesses that need to calculate the distance from multiple origins (e.g. drivers) to one destination (e.g. the customer) or from one origin (e.g. delivery truck) to multiple destinations (e.g. drop-off depot).

Restaurants and Cafes

People opt for takeaways because they want their meals now or at least in some times. This fact has put enormous pressure on the delivery men to fulfill their orders at a lightning-fast speed. However, considering the number of roadblocks such as traffic jams and unpredictable weather conditions, it does become difficult for delivery men to reach customers faster. DistanceMatrixAPI can be utilized to optimize resutarent delivery planning.

Booking Systems

Appointment scheduling engines require detailed drive time between appointments in order to allocate the best timing slot for each job. Booking engines are widely used in on demand service applications, and are considered the core that runs thousands of apps and softwares available online.

Ridesharing Apps

Route optimization is the process of finding the most cost-effective route for a set of stops. Many people think this means finding the shortest distance or fastest time between point A and point B, but this isn’t quite right. Route optimization is used when you want to minimize drive time for multiple stops, while also accounting for a range of complexities like customer time windows, vehicle capacities, driver schedules, and more.

Other Distance Matrix API features


Computing and estimating of route times

The DistanceMatrixAPI shows you the route duration, taking into account live traffic conditions (congestions, traffic jams, restrictions, etc.). You can compute the transit time for the current time, in addition to future forecasts. The Matrix API can estimate duration times, taking into consideration departure and arrival times.

Geocoding the user's locations

Geocoding is the service that converts addresses (like "Eiffel tower") into a map coordinate (such as latitude 45.567355, longitude -156.0329583). Our Geocoding API assists you and accurately pinpoints the users and drivers locations in addition to intended orders.

Distance Matrix API Real Time Traffic

Generating the optimal delivery plan

Distance Matrix API allows you to find the fastest and quickest routes between user addresses, to reduce both costs and delivery times in addition to fuel cutting. Our API is now available for driving, transiting, motorcycling, walking and bicycling modes, this means that you can effectively use all the available perks.

To each and there own approach in route route planning

Each company has its own use cases and special needs for the Distance Matrix API. Thus, we are ready to cater for any special demands and/or provide guidance on how to optimize route planning and boost your efficiency based on individual needs.